IMVERSE had a tremendous showcase at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. We premiered our own mixed reality production ELASTIC TIME, a state-of-the-art interactive documentary piece created with our software graphics engine technology.

This piece is what we believe to be the first ever real-time full body rendering of your own self into a room-scale interactive VR movie. The goal of this new production was to showcase what our technology can achieve seamlessly: Real-time, Photorealistic, and Volumetric live action experiences in Mixed Reality. We also demonstrated that we could make a piece worth of Sundance with a very independant budget, thanks to these innovative developments, allowing for both more compelling immersive cinematic content and more democratized productions.

New Frontier was the perfect place to meet some of the most relevant people in the industry. We are glad we had the opportunity to demonstrate the applications from our technology with an unprecedented volumetric pipeline:

  1. The agile 3D environment creation from a single 360° photo in VR (no photogrammetry)
  2. The real-time full-body integration of any viewer into the experience
  3. The interactions with live volumetric visual effects simulations

All of this was powered and made possible by our unique voxel-based graphics Engine.


As a result of this technological breakthrough demonstrations, we obtained a great visibility during the whole festival through several media article from some of the most prestigious newspapers including:

TechCrunch featuring our voxel-based engine in a groundbreaking VR rendering news article from Josh Constine

Tribune de Genève & 24 heures publishing an article about our journey from the Lab to Hollywood

Startupticker writing on Swiss pieces at the festival sparking interest from celebrities, including Mike Shinoda and MIA

Golem a German tech news website covering the new possibilities being opened by voxels rendering paired with cameras such as kinects

Shiropen a Japanese VR website news talking about our Beta opening and useful solutions


Discover the guest experiences and feedback impressions from Elastic Time: