• To the Light

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Discover our first photorealistic volumetric experience that premiered at the World VR Forum 2017 festival.


Interactive photorealistic experience where the viewer is immersed in the same WVRF room where the headset is put on, but instead of being with other attendees…strange things happen in this alternate version of reality. The viewer discovers his way to the top of Crans-Montana by interacting with the space around, only if going to the light.

Volumetric Technology

This interactive movie experience has been created thanks to Imverse rendering and simulation engine (using Imverse LiveMaker) and its easy and fast process to transform a single 360-degree 2D photo, from any commercial camera, into a volumetric and photorealistic room-scale 3D environment.


Created and Produced by Robin Mange and Javier Bello Ruiz

World premiere at the WVRF 2017, as part of the official selection.


Copyright © 2017 — Imverse SA