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Create 3D models in VR

We are presenting IMVERSE LiveMaker, our software to create 3D universes from a single 360° picture.

  • Create a complex model in a few hours
  • Identify independent objects within
  • Export your models into your preferred formats (FBX, OBJ)
  • Get over the 3D creation pains associated with screen-based tools thanks to instant feedback

But don't limit yourself to a 360° picture!

You can now create a photorealistic 3D model from almost anything, like a frame from your favourite Chaplin's movie.

Find imaginative applications thanks to our tools. It's all about bridging the gap between 2D and 3D.

Innovative approach, full compatibility

Compared to outdated photogrammetry, our method requires only 1 photo, making it accessible to everyone, while obtaining fully interactive and modular VR universes.

The combination of automatic and manual reconstruction allows IMVERSE LiveMaker to succeed in cases where purely automated approaches would fail. This creation process also empowers you to do rapid prototyping and can make 3D production quite fun!

Powered by our own volumetric mixed reality engine, our solutions are compatible with your existing pipelines and workflows such as Blender, Unreal, Unity 3D, WebGL, etc. It's faster and cheaper for studios, artists and media productions.


A tool for Hollywood and independent artists alike.