Effortlessly transform any individual 2D/360° picture into a walkable and editable photorealistic 3D model within minutes.



We are presenting IMVERSE LiveMaker, a software to make realistic 3D/VR content starting from an individual photo!

Start your prototype or VR/MR/3D experience today. One easy, efficient and powerful 3D modeling tool. Make the content from the start within VR and create a 3D model in a few hours. Works with any VR hardware supporting positional tracking.

Make photorealistic scenes for your immersive entertainment experience, interactive media, film previz, game or for cultural heritage, digital galleries, education, simulation training, real estate, architecture, virtual renovation design and much more!

Export your project (fbx, obj and more) and continue building and sharing your experience in your favorite game engine, 3D software or web browser.

How it works

360° photos by Gimli_36Rubiconrouge and Peter Leth


  • Loading a 2D source: 360° photo, illustration/drawing or standard 2D picture: jpg, png
  • Reconstructing & creating 3D spaces from the 2D source
  • Photoshop-like basic tools: move, copy, paste, scale, group objects.
  • Dynamic lighting, material editing, cloning textures, painting and shading capabilities
  • Importing, adapting and modifying external assets such as 3D models, videos and textures to enhance and finish your scene
  • Player to visualize and interact with the elements
  • Exporting professional 3D models to finalize your whole project: fbx, obj and more

360° to 3D Transformation Example

360° photo by Matthias Kabel


Outstanding solutions for your company Starts at $290 per month
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Requirements & Resources

The beta is currently compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and soon Windows Mixed Reality. The minimum required computer specs are:

NVIDIA GTX 1060 or greater.
Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater.
Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output.
2x USB 3.0 ports.
Windows 8 or newer.
Steam and Steam VR.

Tutorials are available on our Youtube channel: