Javier Bello Ruiz, CEO of Swiss startup Imverse, announced today the public beta release of IMVERSE LiveMaker. In this software modeling tool, users will be able to make a walkable and editable photorealistic 3D scene starting from any single 2D picture. “Welcome to the Photoshop of VR.”

With the company’s proprietary engine technology playing a big part in the behind-the-scenes magic, the biggest time saver and gamechanger of Imverse LiveMaker lets users work in 3 dimensions inside a VR environment, instead of being confined to a 2D desktop screen. Imverse combined their powerful engine with an immersive VR interface, and human perception takes the place of guesswork. Users modify their photos live from within the virtual space: adapting a scene taken from a single point of view, and turning it into a 3-dimensional space that contains all visual perspectives, from every direction:

With this software, users build their own realistic environments for VR or 3D experiences with ease within minutes. The resulting 3D spaces can be used for visualizations in web browsers, but also for any VR or MR application they’re optimized for: such as in the fields of entertainment, interactive media, film previz, gaming, visual effects, culture, education, simulation training, and virtual design to name a few. “We want to empower the creators so anyone can build virtual reality content, without a big budget or special equipment,” said CEO and Imverse co-founder Javier Bello Ruiz. “Users can now access this disruptive technology to create the greatest ideas of virtual reality and mixed reality for the future.”

Accessibility on this level is a breakthrough that has long been a goal of the VR community. These tools will allow millions of content creators to accelerate or get started with 3D and VR across all graphics industries. It further enables users to import other 3D assets into the scene, manipulate the objects, textures, lighting, reflections, and material properties; as well as add videos, and all sorts of powerful editing to create a richer experience than just a static environment. “Our Beta users already confirmed that we were filling a most needed gap, but the real validation was the invitation from SIGGRAPH to hold the first-ever VR workshop in VR, titled “Construct a Sample VR Environment From a 2D Photo Inside VR”, states CEO Javier Bello Ruiz.

The Imverse LiveMaker can be downloaded on for a one-time fee of $29. It works with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality headsets.