Business Developer

  • Responsible for the business development activities in Europe and Switzerland
  • Convert leads toward closing
  • Experience in pricing and/or offer design (plus)
  • Speaks English, French and German
  • Ready to undertake regular business trips
  • Work location: Geneva/Switzerland



  • Assist the business development activities
  • Cold calls, lead generation and qualification
  • Follow-ups and funnel conversions optimzation
  • Mid-level sales representative experience
  • Experience in the VR/Creative industry in California
  • Ready to undertake regular business trips
  • Work location: Los Angeles/California/USA

Details coming soon


Senior Streaming & Compression Developer

  • Decoder/Encoder
  • Signal compression
  • Video codecs
  • Image processing
  • C++/Assembly
  • Network Engineering (plus)
  • Work location: Geneva/Switzerland

Details coming soon


VR/Game/3D Immersive User Experience Designer

  • Will propose new immersive design, interaction, and improvements to the UI/UX
  • Stress test software platform and tools, especially elements linked to the user interface
  • Report bugs and track client issues in order to iterate and improve the software user experience
  • Assist with our company services and custom projects
  • Will also collaborate regularly with team in the US (excellent English and time flexibility)
  • Experience in Games UX and 3D modeling
  • Experience in standard 2D UI/UX is irrelevant
  • Portfolio (plus)
  • Work location: Geneva/Switzerland


Photoreal Mixed Reality Creative Technologist

  • Will create state-of-the-Art volumetric mixed reality experiences using Imverse technology and industry standards tools
  • Generation and improvement of media assets for festivals visibility and Marketing/PR purposes
  • Will collaborate with VR studios and partners on custom productions pushing the boundaries of Mixed Reality
  • Suggest ideas for new workflows and applications together with the UI/UX & development teams and creative community.
  • Experience with C++ (required)
  • Experience with Unity/Unreal, Maya/3dMax etc.
  • Experience with After Effect/Photoshop etc.
  • Experience in VFX and/or previsualization (plus)
  • Strong portfolio (VR, Games, 3D 360, VFX, Multimedia Installations etc.)
  • Ready to travel regularly and collaborate with the international team (flexibility)
  • Main work location: Los Angeles/California/USA


Social Media Manager

  • Develop and manage high-quality content, incl. videos
  • Monitor and communicate with users socially while cultivating leads
  • SEO/SEA and generation of inbound traffic
  • Create and manage campaigns
  • Own key metrics and improve them when needed (ROI)
  • Push for specific designs (thumbnails, profile pics, etc)
  • Must be on top of the latest digital marketing trends
  • Ideally with experience in the VR/Creative industry in California
  • Work location: Los Angeles/California/USA

Details coming soon


Senior 3D Computer Graphics Engineer

  • Develop unique interactive virtual tools for Imverse content creation platform
  • Propose new and innovative features and implementations to solve the user needs and challenging problems of VR/MR creation
  • Work in tasks related to volumetric rendering.
  • Assist the CTO in the core technology developments
  • GLSL/Shader expert
  • Ray tracing experience
  • Work location: Geneva/Switzerland


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