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You will be able to send your 360° picture, 1500$ per 3D model (FBX, OBJ).

Photorealistic 3D Model from your 360° Panorama

Thanks to our voxel-based graphics engine and our easy VR creation pipeline, we can now transform a single 360°/2D photo of spaces (without people), captured with any commercial camera, into modular 3D environments! The models you get are 'room-scale' (6 degrees of freedom), fully editable, and composed of independent assets that can be moved! This is also 10 times faster than any other techniques.

All we need is the 360° image - no matter how you created it! Once our team has taken care of the reconstructions, you will be able to download the models in your preferred format (FBX, OBJ, etc.) and import them in the software of your choice (Blender, Cinema 4D, Unity, Unreal, etc.)

For integrating volumetric people in real-time or moving elements, please take a look at our Mixed Reality Possibilities


Professional Online Service

$1500 per Unit For each 3D model reconstructed.
  • You get a OBJ/FBX file from a 360° jpg/png picture
  • Includes texture correction for hidden surfaces and occlusions.
  • You pay only if you're happy with the web preview we'll share with you
  • We can always personalize our services to your needs!
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Light web preview case of a 3D model

Made with Imverse technology from a single 360° picture