Volumetric 3D model from a 360° photo

Using a single 360º/2D photo, taken with any commercial camera, we can create a fully editable 3D model composed of independent assets which can be moved. All we need is your photo. Once our team is done with the reconstruction, you will receive an OBJ, FBX file which can be imported into Unity, Blender or software of your choice.


360° to 3D Transformation Example

360° photo by Matthias Kabel


360 to 3D Online Service

$1500 for the first Unit Upload a 360° picture and get an FBX/OBJ in 72 hours!
  • "room-scale", fully editable, independent objects
  • with texture correction for hidden areas
  • compatible with any 3D software
  • 14-day money back guarantee
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Do you need to get more than one 3D reconstruction? Ask us for a volume-based quote.

Do you need empty or simple 3D reconstructions? Ask us for a plain-based quote.

Do you need a 3D reconstruction of several connected interiors? Ask us for a venue-based quote

Light preview of a 3D model

This solution is 10 times faster than any other technique and the model you get will be fully editable and composed of independent objects/assets (they can be moved).

For integrating volumetric people in real-time or moving subjects, check out our Mixed Reality Possibilities. Contact us directly at info@imverse.ch if you have a special query. We can always personalize our services to your needs!