Ready to build your first immersive experience?

"Immerse yourself into virtual reality to easily create outstanding 3D experiences from 2D pictures and videos. Interact with your own body to sculpt the universe around you."

Innovative mixed reality creation platform

Real-time editable photorealistic room-scale mixed reality experiences with real world physics and body integration.

Imverse - From a single 360° picture to a collaborative room-scale experience from Imverse on Vimeo.


Custom Projects

Mixed reality content creation services for next generation e-commerce, marketing showcase and personalized customer services.

Custom mixed reality setups for events and conferences.
Freemium licenses for our Mixed Reality Creation Platform coming soon!


Javier Bello Ruiz
CEO & co-founder

Keeping our vision on sight. Caring about what we do and who we do it for. Always attentive to divergent opinions and good initiatives.
With a background in Immersive Interaction and Virtual Reality (EPFL and University of Zaragoza). Creative planner and organization freak.
Technical Lab Manager at the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (Prof. Blanke, EPFL) and former shareholder at Wizzy Education Technologies SA.

Robin Mange
CTO & co-founder

Passionated about Computer Graphics and software development since childhood with a broad awarness of existing technologies.
Focused on custom volumetric rendering technologies during the past 10 years (Visualbiotech, ScienceVisuals).
Joined the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (Prof. Blanke, EPFL) a few years back to work on Mixed Reality technologies for behavioral experimentation.